How to Improve Your Quality of Life

Get clear on which bits of your life aren’t working 

Draw a wheel of life (which is a circle with a number of segments- depending on how many you need) and for each segment, label them what you need to like ‘relationship’, ‘parenting’, ‘career’, ‘me time’, ‘house organisation’ ‘personal development’ etc. Give yourself a score out of 10 for each segment of the wheel where you currently are with each one and write down one comment for each one that you currently love but one comment that you don’t like so much. If any score is not 10 out of 10, ask yourself for each section what needs to change and what you potentially need to sacrifice to make it a 10. Then you will see if it is possible and if you are willing to change it and if you want it enough. If it can’t be a 10, it is sometimes easier asking yourself what would need to change for it to be a point higher.  


Energy needs to flow and we are all energy. Start having a ‘won’t do’ list. It’s easier to write a ‘will do’ list but how many things do you do for the sake of it, or in the name of procrastination or for pleasing other people? Start factoring out more time in your day by having a ‘Won’t do list’. Think about your most energetic times of the day when you will be more productive and try to allow yourself focus time during these times. During the lull energy times, try to have a rest to recharge- even if it is for 5 minutes! 

What’s stopping you making changes? 

Sometimes there will be a secondary gain as a reason why you are not making the changes. For example, a secondary gain to not exercising could be that you get to watch your favourite series instead or waking up at 5am instead of 6am.  With making changes there comes a sacrifice of some sort and you must be willing to forgo that secondary gain to get what you want. You need to ask yourself, is the change in the long run worth more than the secondary gain? 

What in life is bringing you joy/recharging you?

You must make sure that you have time to recharge and do what you enjoy to make sure that you are energised and that you are the best version of you. In NLP terms, these moments of joy and recharge are breaking the state of monotony and pulling you out of the responsibility bubble to see things from a fresh perspective. These times are crucial to develop new ideas and solutions.