Lessons I’ve Learned Since Becoming an Entrepreneur

  • You need passion to keep you going through the tough times. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotion when you are an entrepreneur, but you need to love what you do to keep you going. It needs to be in line with your values and ethics and needs to embody who you are a person or you will be at a conflict with yourself.  
  • Boundaries with your clients are important 
  • You will attract the tribe for you. Not everyone is going to be for you and this is ok! 
  • If you listen to your clients well enough, your clients will pave the way for your business. Listen to what your clients would like from you. I created mock exams for my business because a client wanted them for her son. Now they are huge money-making part of the business. 
  • You need to genuinely care for the people you are serving.  
  • High-quality customer service is priority. 
  • Mindset- keep working on your mindset through high-quality development courses. Be a life-long learner. I’ve learned from the best and now my mindset is resilient, solution-based and high- quality. A great mindset is imperative.  
  • Network, network, network! Networking is so important and if you are a one-man band entrepreneur like i am, it is crucial to network with like-minded people.  
  • Investment is key! Lot of people become wary about investing in themselves and their businesses. Investment, when focused on something meaningful, is priceless and is free relative to the return you will get back! 
  • Consistency – It builds momentum. Try to do a little bit every day, keep moving.  
  • Value yourself and your service and other people will.